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Donating an aircraft to Mercy Airlift is a very rewarding experience!

Your airplane can be used as it has never been used, and you receive the 100 percent tax-deduction, as well as the gift of knowing it is helping those people who desperately need help just to get along.

Since 1968, Mercy Airlift has provided humanitarian aid and relief transportation to those in immediate need. From Medical transportation to distribution of food to food stations in remote areas of the world, to supplies and medical equipment to different natural and manmade disasters around the world.

To discuss the donation of your aircraft to Mercy Airlift, please call us at 1.800.637.2914 or email us at info@mercyairlift.org.

We will deliver all of the information to you concerning the donation of your aircraft to Mercy Airlift, and if you request, we will pick up the aircraft at its current location.

The tax-deductible donation of your aircraft will be part of your and our life-saving operations to those in need.