The Wheels to Work Program was developed to assist hard working single mothers who are raising children on their own, and need transportation to take their children to and from school and or day care centers – and to provide the mothers with transportation to and from their own place of work.

In today’s hectic, fast paced environment, many mothers who are earnestly trying to provide the best for their children just haven’t the time to get their children to school and then for them to go to their place of work, and then in the afternoon repeat the process. They haven’t even a way to take their families shopping, or to the movies or conveniently to a doctors appointment.

Your donated vehicle just may be the one in which a family is in desperate need of – and Mercy Airlift wants to facilitate this donation for you.

Brenda Wilson, a recipient of a 1999 Ford Taurus describes a typical morning at her house.

She has three children between the ages of 10 and 18 months, who all have to be at school and their prospective child card centers before 10 a.m., the time Brenda has to be at work.

After Brenda drops her children off at school and grandma’s house, she then picks up her sister and her children and takes each of them to school and work.

“It’s quite a challenge,” Brenda Says.

Brenda’s 20 year old car broke down one day and the mechanics said it wasn’t worth repairing. So there she was, relying on family members for transportation services. And that just didn’t last very long, and was an inconvenience to everyone She said she was very surprised to hear she would be the recipient of a Wheels to Work Vehicle.

“I feel very fortunate,” she said, “I pray a lot and have faith that things will work out one way or another.”

This is just one story. These recipients are extremely thankful and your donation will enable a single mother to better care for her family. It will enable them to provide for their children in taking them to different functions and attractions on weekends as well. It really helps in keeping the family together and encourages them to do better as a family.

Wheels to Work vehicle recipients are referred to Mercy Airlift by our many contacts throughout the United States.

Each recipient must only show the need for a vehicle, must have a current job in which they have been employed for more than 6 months, and must be able to provide insurance, and have a current driver’s license with no drug or alcohol offenses.

If the recipient continues to be employed, and has no major traffic violations, the vehicle will be transferred to the recipient in 6 months for $1.00.

Mercy Airlift is seeking additional donations and vehicles for this program. It’s a way in which you can participate in donating your vehicle to someone who is in need of it, and has proven to be worthy of the opportunity to receive the transportation they need.

These families don’t want to be on welfare, they just need the opportunity which you can provide for them.

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